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            產品中心 產品操作圖示 常見問題解答 公司簡介 聯系我們 English  

                 廣州銘輝汽車用品有限公司是一家集 研發 制造 銷售  專業汽車用品生產廠家  主要經營產品 汽車點煙器插座  車載手機架 車載手機充電器  車載煙灰缸 杯架等等系列產品。        
                 本公司成立于2005年.已經是國家承認的一家合法公司。并且擁有一般納稅人及自由進出口權資格‘。工廠地址位于聞名全世界玩具生產基地澄海附近饒平縣。工廠擁有很多現代化生產設備和技術人才‘‘各種專業于塑膠‘五金。電子。模具’原料。加工等.配套條件都是我們的優勢.公司擁有兩個自主品牌‘CYM和WEIFENG’ 系列產品已經通過了進入歐盟國家標準認證‘CE.’RS等等’各種專業測試報告。高品質的產品‘準確的市場定位及市場保護在國內外已經受到了很多代理商.經銷商的青媚’‘我們的專業團隊都能夠為每一位客人提供各種非;ダ麠l件‘多年來銘輝始終堅持.高效’創新。卓越。誠信的企業經營理念。期待與您建立長期合作關系!   
            Guangzhou minghui car accessories’co.,ltd is a collection of automobile accessories research,production,sales and development manufacturer factory. The main sorts of product are:extended cigarette lighter socket,phone holder,car charger,ashtray,cup holder and so on.  
            Our Company Was Founded In 2005,which is the country admits a legitimate company and have the general taxpayer、 the import and export qualifications. the factory is located in raoping near the chenghai  whice is the famous toys production base. The factory has a lot of modern production equipment and technology talents,all kinds of professional plastic hardware. Electrons. Die materials. Processing, etc. The complementary conditions is our advantages, our company has two independent cym and weifeng,this two series products have passed into the eu countries ce standard certification and rs etc. All kind of professional test report,high quality product,accurate market positioning and market protection at home and abroad have populared in many agency and dealer.Our professional team can provide all kind of mutual advantage to every customer.We all insist the efficient,innovate,excellent and The good faith management principle. We Looking forward to establish long-term cooperative relations with you.




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